Economize even with outstanding debtsEconomize even with outstanding debts

Late payment has taken away our sleep for a long time, but finally the news has arrived that we all expected with real longing: indebtedness in Spain is going down and analysts seem to be optimistic about it. The delinquency of the mortgage loan has fallen in recent years and if at the beginning of […]

Loan to debtor – Consolidation loanLoan to debtor – Consolidation loan

  Very often, people are worried about their finances because they know that loans are always the solution. It’s a big cash injection for many people, but you have to be economical. At some point, you can no longer fulfill your obligations, and that will only make you less attractive in view of the financial […]

Mortgage loans for those in debtMortgage loans for those in debt

  Another source of income that the bank will allow when calculating your creditworthiness are of course other types of contracts, although they are not as liked by banks. After all, we are talking about a job, even for a limited period , it is still the surest source of income, and thus you have […]

Pay off loan: when is it worth anticipating installments?Pay off loan: when is it worth anticipating installments?

Did you borrow when you were having trouble and now extra money has come up and you are thinking of repaying the loan? Want to know how it works and when it is worth anticipating installments to pay off loan? So, check out this post that will explain you better! Repaying the loan ahead of […]

Renewing parts of the house? Take out a loanRenewing parts of the house? Take out a loan

Renovation can be expensive stuff, especially if there are rooms like kitchens or bathrooms that need renovation. In the worst case, this can cost hundreds of thousands. There are very few who have the opportunity to save so much, considering all the other unmarriages a house often brings, so a loan in the bank becomes […]

Types of bank loans – What loans are on the Polish marketTypes of bank loans – What loans are on the Polish market

Through the loan agreement, the bank undertakes to make available to the borrower for the period of time specified in the agreement the amount of cash intended for a specified purpose, and the borrower undertakes to use it under the conditions specified in the agreement, return the amount of the loan used together with interest […]

12 – month loans12 – month loans

  Most fast loan companies in Latvia lend money for up to 30 days with the option to extend repayment. Borrowing a bigger loan would definitely make it more profitable to pay it back in months with equal payments. Fast credit companies also offer this option, such as: Garry Personal Loan up to 1500 €; […]

How to get into debt without excessive risk?How to get into debt without excessive risk?

In indebted households there is always a likelihood of a sudden deterioration in the economic situation. So how do you approach signing loan agreements correctly and what to remember when analyzing creditworthiness? In the article you will see how to indebted yourself without incurring excessive risk and what to do when economic conditions change negatively? […]