Economize even with outstanding debts

Late payment has taken away our sleep for a long time, but finally the news has arrived that we all expected with real longing: indebtedness in Spain is going down and analysts seem to be optimistic about it.

The delinquency of the mortgage loan has fallen in recent years and if at the beginning of 2014 it experienced its highest rate corresponding to 6.28%, this year we have obtained a very good balance with a registered rate of 3.98%.

Doubtful loans have been reduced and the total credit balance, as reported by the Bank of Spain, has increased. On the other hand, the economic difficulties that families go through have been solved and their debts declining.

Economize even with outstanding debts

Economize even with outstanding debts

Having significant pending economic burdens is not a pleasant situation for anyone, but there are currently ways to save when you have debts.

Adopt responsible consumption habits it is the way to settle everything gradually to the time we control our expenses and income so that there is a balance.

Personal loans

Today we have secure, comfortable and reliable personal loans that can be requested at any time. In addition, the user can request from $ 500 to $ 300,000 as in the case of Good Credit (home equity loans) to cover certain important expenses.

The best personal loans of 2020 are those that can be requested without domiciling the payroll and without having to change banks. The truth is that many entities offer unbeatable conditions that we can take advantage of to buy a car or pay for our children’s university studies.

Loans to reunify debts

Debt reunification loans are another great alternative to be able to save despite having debts. If a person has several outstanding loans and wants to get rid of them in one sitting, it is possible to reunify all debts and join several installments into one. In this way, greater economic control and greater solvency in payment are obtained.

There are two ways to do it, everything depends on the user’s needs and the total amount of debts. If the person in question cannot afford so many payments, it will be necessary to provide a mortgage guarantee to manage everything.

Effective solutions to save companies without liquidity

Effective solutions to save companies without liquidity

National regulation based on delinquency has a higher level of demand than the rest of Europe. Late payment has been declining, but supervisors want the bank to accelerate this fall in default.

The latest advances in this aspect leave a good taste, but it is time to quickly resolve the level of loans that are doubtful, taking advantage of the fact that current economic conditions are more favorable.

A few years ago it was quite common to find freelancers and small entrepreneurs in low liquidity situations. Their economic helplessness meant that they could not cope with a multitude of bills that remained unpaid.

Luckily, saving a company without liquidity is already possible, thanks to the outlets that have been appearing to give a break to entrepreneurs who are going through such difficult times.

Alternatives to obtain liquidity

Alternatives to obtain liquidity

One of the most successful options is a loan with a property guarantee . If the autonomous or entrepreneur in question has a property or land owned, their liquidity problems, however high, can be solved.

Unlike conventional ones, there are few requirements to qualify for a home equity loan: to be of legal age and owner of a property that does not have economic charges or is paid at 80%. Other options available to solve this situation are: the discount of promissory notes or advance of invoices, renegotiate the extension of maturities or seek capitalist partners.

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